During this past year, the veterinary industry has seen a drastic influx of pet patients – from those newly adopted, to those being more closely watched by owners working from home. This means that more pets are in need of appointments. With employee shortages and local hospital closures, the number of patients needing to be seen has only increased. This doesn’t include all of the wellness and preventative care visits that were postponed at the beginning of the pandemic.

What You See: Limited appointments and availability, scheduling out weeks in advance, long wait times, and less face-to-face interaction.

What Goes On Behind the Scenes:

  • Extra safety takes longer. Extra steps must be taken to keep you, your pet, and your veterinary team safe. We also have to balance a combination of curbside service and socially distant appointments.
  • Big increase in phone time. Less face-to-face interaction and higher demand means more phone calls. This takes time to ensure that we can address all of your needs and answer all of your questions.
  • Fewer food and restroom breaks. We are clocking in more overtime hours and double- to triple- booking appointments to provide the same level of care under the current circumstances.

Our safety policies have prevented the forced closure of our hospital due to COVID. We have managed to remain open during our normal business hours, all despite staffing changes and increased demand for care.
At this time, we have an obligation to care for our established patients and therefore will not be accepting any new clients. Please check back with us in September 2021 if you would like to schedule an appointment.

We understand the stress and frustration felt while seeking medical care for your pet. Please be patient with us. As things continually change and evolve, we will strive to remain an important part of your pet’s care.