Prepare the car so it promotes a calming environment

  • Play calming music specially composed for cats and dogs, or pop in an audiobook.
  • Apply calming pheromones or scents like lavender. 6 to 8 sprays of a calming pheromone or 2 or 3 sprays of a diluted lavender scent will suffice. Apply 10 to 15 minutes before your pet enters the carrier or car.
  • Cool or warm the car to a comfortable temperature before putting your pet inside.

Properly secure carrier/crate in the vehicle

  • A nonslip surface should be in and under carrier/crate or on the car seat.
  • Place a pheromone-infused towel or blanket over the carrier, leaving one side uncovered for ventilation.
  • The floorboard behind the passenger seat is the most secure location for a small pet carrier.